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Get the Computer Hardware Name (Note some inconsistencies)
     uname -m returns i386
 machine ( = uname -m) returns i386
 uname -m returns i686

Print the processor type in more detail
  uname -p returns i386
 uname -p returns AMD Athlon XP Model (Thoroghbred) ("AuthenticAMD 686-class)
 uname -p returns athlon

Print the hardware platform
 uname -i returns i386

Print the machine architecture
 machine returns i386
 arch -s returns i386
 arch returns i686

Print Operating System Name
 uname -s returns FreeBSD
 uname returns OpenBSD
 uname -s returns OpenBSD
 arch returns OpenBSD.i386
 uname returns NetBSD
 uname -s returns NetBSD
 uname returns Linux
 uname -s returns Linux

Print Operating System Release
 uname -r returns 5.2-RELEASE
 uname -r returns 3.4
 uname -r returns 1.6.1
 uname -r returns

Print the Node Name (Network related)
 uname -n returns freeserve.btech.com
 uname -n returns openserve.my.domain
 uname -n returns (blank for now)
 uname -n returns Linux-serve

Print Version Level of this release
 uname -v returns (long and wordy)
 uname -v returns MYINSTALL#O
 uname -v returns (long and wordy)
 uname -v returns #1 Thu Mar 13 17:18:24 EST 2003
Print the Operating System
 uname -o = GNU/Linux

Print an overall summary
 uname -a = -mnrsv
 uname -a = -mnrsv returns OpenBSD openserve.my.domain 3.4 MYINSTALL#0 i386
 uname -a = -mnrsv
 uname -a = -snrvmpio

see tput initialize terminal or query terminfo database
see terminfo a data base describing terminals