Tektronix R520A NTSC Vectorscope

Orig CostLow BidHigh Bidaverage
$6675 (1982)
$8525 (1985)
$125.00(buy it now) 12/20/02 #3101262956 ebay@gimix.com (tested )(1 bid)
no buy ($15.50 < reserve) 1/11/03 #3105179353 buysource1 (tested & working) (5 bids)

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    Tektronix r520A NTSC Vectorscope
    The r520A series enables measurement of the chrominance signal and distortions thereof to be made with a high degree of precision. Measures luminance amplitude, chrominance amplitude and phase, differential gain, differential phase etc.
    The r520A NTSC Vectorscope graphically displays the phase and amplitude of television chrominance signals on polar coordinates in a vector presentation. Measures luminance amplitude, differential gain, and differential phase. NTSC configuration. Features: Vectorscope, Luminance Amplitude, Chrominance Amplitude and Phase, Differential Phase, and Differential Gain. Vector display shows the relative phase and amplitude of the chrominance signal on polar Dual Vector Displays. In dual-channel operation, successive samples of channels A and B are displayed on a time-shared basis. The linear time base operates at the line rate. Red (R), Green (G), Blue (B), and Luminance (Y) Provides a luminance channel that permits the separation and display of the luminance (Y) component from the composite color signal. You can display vertical Interval Test Signals from front-panel selected lines of either field 1 or 2. The two main chrominance signal distortions - differential gain and differential phase - can be measured.