Tektronix 585 85MHz Oscilloscope

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    "The Tektronix Type 585 Oscilloscope is a wide range, general purpose, laboratory instrument which provides accurate measurements in the dc to 100 mc range. The instrument is made extremely versatile through the utilization of special purpose plug-in units. Any of the Tektronix Eighty-Series Plug-In Units can be used with the oscilloscope to satisfy the requirements for many types of wide band applications. High calibrated sweep speeds allow you to take full advantage of the risetime capabilities of the instrument.

    Special circuits incorporated in the Type 585 Oscilloscope allow you to obtain an accurate, continously variable delay in the presentation of the sweep from 1 microsecond to 10 seconds after receipt of a triggering impulse. This delayed sweep feature permits highly magnified displays of a small portion of an undelayed sweep, accurate measurements of waveform jitter, precise time measurements, as well as many other uses." (Tektronix, Manual 585, 1959)

    Frequency ResponseDC to approx. 100 mc
    Risetime3.5 Millimicroseconds (10%)
    Input Deflection Factor0.1 volts per centimeter
    Time Base A2 sec to 0.05 usec
    Time Base B1 sec to 2 usec
    Power700 watts
    Dimensions16-3/4" x 13" x 24"
    Weight61 pounds
    Price (for 1968)$1675 w/o Plug-In

    When launched in 1959 the 80-series plug-ins consisted only of one preamp with cathode follower probe. Later Tektronix offered a clever plug-in adapter (Type 81) which enabled the 585 operator to use all the letter- and one-series preamps. The instrument here is equipped with an early type 82 preamp featuring dual-channel operation up to 85 MHz. It's well known that from the very first advertising to the last catalog Tek was not able to ensure the magic 100 MHz barrier. The 585A modified some circuitry for better triggering and the use of the 82 preamp (vertical standardization). Field modification kits were sold to trim-up older instruments.