Tektronix MI5010 Programmable Multifunciton Interface

Orig CostLow BidHigh Bidaverage
$1350 (1982-new)
$1725 (1985)
$100.00 11/5/01 #1656629991 rhinoenter
$9.99 3/25/03 #2517564404 wtsps (untested - no modules) (1 bid)
$26.00 3/25/03 #2517145928 technodude (w/ 50M70) (4 bids $20 start)
$9.99 5/25/05 #7517418177 arizonaeast (1 bid) (working pull)
$25.00 1/3/06 #7576024036 eehobbies (1 bid) (was working)

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    I/O Boards :
    50M10 - A/D Converter
    50M30 - Digital I/O
    50M41 - Low Level Scanner
    The MI5010 Programmable Multifunction Interface is designed to operate in a TM 5000-Series power module; Accepts max of three function cards of the 50M-Series; Microprocessor based GPIB board allows communication between a GPIB controller and the input/output functions on selected cards; IEEE-488 programmable through the mainframe.
    This is a USED Tektronix MI 5010 programmable multifunction interface. It contains 3 50M30 digital I/O boards. It requires 2 slots in a TM 5000 series power supply (not included). It was used in conjunction with a Tek SI 5010.
    Unit weighs 7 pounds
    The Multifunction interface system consists of the MI 5010 Multifunction Interface, and six different function cards. These cards are capable of a variety of functions typically required in ATE Automatic Test Equipment, and functional testing system interfacing, data acquisition and generation, and process control. MI 5010 shown with side panel removed. In addition to providing power to function, the MI 5010 has sequencing capability, time of day clock, command buffer, and self diagnostics. The MI 5010 houses up to three function cards, in any combination. The MI 5010 provides the communication between cards and the system controller such as the Tektronix PEP 301 or the 2402 TekMate. The MX 5010 extends the M1 5010 control to six function cards at one GPIB address. Easy GPIB programming is done in simple English. For example, “VOLT 1.25” sent to the Programmable voltage Source Card generates 1.25 volts across the 50M20’s output pair. Similarly, “VOLT?” sent to the Analog Measurement card queries the 50M10 for the value of the last measurement. In addition to providing the Interface between the function cards and the system controller, the MI 5010 has a built-in command buffer. This buffer is capable of storing up to 300 system commands and executing them in sequence. These comands can be triggered by the on-board time of day, the internal clock, or signals from the system controller. This frees the controller to direct activity elsewhere in the system.

    Simple English Programming example: With an active 50M20 voltage source card, the following sequence of Simple English commands are sent to the MI 5010 buffer:

    VOLT 1.25
    WAIT 2
    VOLT -1.25
    WAIT 8
    EXECUTE 100

    This EXECUTES 100 cycles of a signal toggling between 1.25 and -1.25 Volts with a duty cycle of about 20% and a period of about 1 second.

    The MI 5010 system also supports tightly coupled test sequencing to optimize measurement throughput. TTL compatible “Ready” and “Done” handshaking signals can be enabled to step test sequences with minimal dead time and without time consuming controller intervention in multi instrument configurations.

    Cards rapidly slide in and out of the MI 5010 system for a fast flexible approach to test. Alternatively, for dedicated applications, card configuration can be secured in the MI 5010 with rear locking screws.

  • Programmable Stimulus and Measurement System
  • Controller-Free Test Sequencing using Internal Command Buffer
  • Analog and Digital lnput Output
  • Single-Ended and Guarded- Differential Signal Scanning
  • Word Acquisition and Generation
  • Customized Programmable Instrumentation