Tektronix DM5110 4-1/2 Digit Programmable Multimeter

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$156.50 2/21/02 #1706640784 j.a.
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$37.99 (+ packing + shipping) 11/13/06 #330047201625 jtsele (5 bids $9.99 start) (working - guaranteed)
$100.00 (+$10 ship) 12/21/06 #120065162953 garfele (13 bids $40 start) (display shown-no doa)

  • The DM5110 is part of the last digital multi-meter series that Tektronix manufactured for the 5000 series power modules. It is still a current product from Tegam.
    It is similar to the DM511 but adds GPIB/IEEE488 programmability with 4 additional controlled functions:
    comparison, low limit set, high limit set, and triggered operation.
    This versatile and accurate 4 digit DMM provides eight measurement functions:
    DC voltage,
    TRMS AC voltage (to 50 KHz) from millivolts to 1000 volts peak,
    DC and TRMS AC amperes from 1 uA to 2 amps,
    ohms from milliohms to 20 meg-ohm,
    dBV or dBm,
    and a null and hold function.

    All functions are fully auto-ranging so only a push of a button selects the function and the microprocessor takes care of the rest automatically selecting the optimum range VERY quickly. Excellent over-ranging is provided for best resolution as well. A selector switch is provided on the front panel for switching the input from the front to the rear connector. This allows you to patch within the power module connector bus or over the IEEE488/GPIB bus to configure a test setup without all the patch cables on the front. Various kits are available from Tegam to facilitate this.