Tektronix 50M40 Relay Scanner Card

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Orig CostLow BidHigh Bidaverage
$575 (1982-new)
$675 (1985)
$9.99 3/25/03 #2517564135 wtsps (untested) (1 bid)
no bids (asked $9.99) 5/25/05 #7517417492 arizonaeast (working pull)
$20.00 1/3/06 #7576022097 eehobbies (1 bid) (was working when pulled)

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    This is used in a MI 5010 programmable multifunction interface.
    The 50M40 provides 16 independent, normally open relay contacts. The relay contacts can be used as switch closures to supply power to several external points from one source, or scan several sources and supply various inputs to a single measurement device. The desired relay configuration is set by internal jumpers. Three possible configurations include:
    4 groups: 1 of 4 relays each
    2 groups: 1 of 8 relays each
    1 group: 1 of 16 relays
    The relay scanning sequence, open and close operations, and triggering events are programmed thru the Ml 5010ís GPIB interface. TTL compatible logic signals on the front-panel connector are provided for externally controlling the 50M40.
    Insertion Loss:
    <0.3dB to 1MHz
    Pull In and Release Time:
    3ms nominal.
    Maximum Applied Voltage:
    40Vdc plus peak ac.
    Maximum Carry Current: 1A.
    Breakdown Voltage:
    100Vdc plus peak ac.
    Contact Resistance: 0.15ohm nominal (end of life).
  • 16 Mercury-Wetted Reed Relay Contacts
  • Configurable as I, 2, or 4 Independent Groups