Tektronix 50M10 A/D Converter Card

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Orig CostLow BidHigh Bidaverage
$870 (1985) ...
$11.50 3/25/03 #2517563982 wtsps (untested) (2 bids $9.99 start)
$13.05 5/25/05 #7517417276 arizonaeast (2 bids #9.99 start) (working pull)

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    This is used in a MI 5010 programmable multifunction interface.
    The 50M10 Analog Measurement Card (A/D Converter) is able to measure analog voltage in four ranges: 100mV, 1V, 10V, 100V. Unlike traditional integrating digital millimeters, the 50M10ís short 400nsec aperture time enables the measurement of voltages which hold their value for short time intervals. A Guard signal at the input connector can drive guard conductors adjacent to the input signal conductor. TTL compatible front panel control lines permit the 50M10 conversions to be triggered or gated.

    Conversion Results Available over GPIB or Front-Panel Connector.
    Amplifier Settling Time:
    100mV Range:<150us
    1V Range: <25us
    10V Range: <10us
    100V Range: <30us
    Maximum Aperture Time:
    Input Impedance:
    100mV-10V Range: >10^10ohms.
    100V Range: 1Mohm
    Digital Data Transfer Format:
    12-bit word transferred in two bytes.
    Common Mode Rejection Ratio:
    1ohm in low lead 100dB
    1kohm in low lead 80dB
    Guard Output Resistance: Typically 870ohm.
  • 12-Bit Resolution to 50uV
  • Up to 100 dB CMRR @ 60 Hz
  • 250 V RMS Isolation
  • Built-in Track-and-Hold Amplifier
  • 32 us Conversion Time