Tektronix 7B92 Dual Time Base (Display Switching)

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Tektronix Catalog Cost
$1400 (1973)
$3870 (1989)
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  • Triggering to 500 MHz
  • Calibrated 0.5ns/DIV to 0.2s/DIV in 27 steps
  • Display Switching -- Alternate Display of Intensified Delaying & Delayed Sweeps

    The 7B92 is recommended for use with the 7700 and 7900 FAMILIES. Its exceptionally fast sweep (500 ps/div) ideally matches the ultra-high bandwidth of the 7900 FAMILY and provides full bandwidth triggering for the 7700 FAMILY. Since the 7B92 uses only one horizontal compartment it permits usage of the other horizontal compartment for specialized measurements.
    *The two fastest sweep speeds (0.5 ns/div and 1 ns/div) are not usable in the 7700-FAMILY mainframes, also internal triggering is limited to 250 MHz.

    The 7B92 features four diplay modes: normal, intensified delaying sweep (controlled contrast), delayed sweep and alternate.

    Normal Sweep (nondelayed) is selected when the DLY'D TIME/DIV switch is pushed in and is set to the same sweep rate as the TIME/DIV switch. The switches will latch in this mode and the delayed sweep time base automatically goes to a zero delay mode.

    Intensified Delaying Sweep is accomplished by pulling out the DELAYED SWEEP TIME/DIV knob. The delaying sweep is intensified for a period of time determined by the delayed sweep setting. Intensity of the delaying sweep is set with the INTENSITY control, concentric with the POSITION control on the plug-in. Intensity of the delayed sweep (intensified portion) is controlled by the mainframe intensity. The intensified zone may be initiated at any point on the delaying sweep determined by the DELAY TIME MULT (DTM). The DELAYING and DELAYED TIME/DIV controls can be independently set. MAIN TRIGGERING controls are used to control the delaying sweep.

    Delayed Sweep is selected by pushing in the DELAYED SWEEP TIME/DIV knob. The intensified segment of the delaying sweep is now displayed over the full 10 cm of the CRT. Intensity of the delayed sweep is controlled by the mainframe intensity. The triggering event can be displayed with the delayed sweep by setting the DTM at or near zero. When the two TIME/DIV controls are latched together, zero delay is automatically selected and the MAIN TRIGGERING controls initiate the delayed sweep.

    Alternate mode is accomplished by pressing the TRACE SEPARATION control. Pressing the control causes it to unlatch and the display to alternate between intensified Delaying Sweep and Delayed Sweep. The repetition rate is determined by the duration of the delaying sweep. When unlatched, the TRACE SEPARATION control is used to move the delaying sweep upward from 0 to 4 divisions.

    (from the 1973 Tektronix Catalog)



    Tektronix Catalog CostLow BidHigh Bidaverage
    $1400 (1973)
    $3870 (1989)
    $45.00 8/6/01 #1622202402 hagtech
    $41.00 11/2/01 #1655382847 quecan
    $42.00 11/6/01 #1657186009 jtsele
    $23.50 7/19/04 #3827333237 twin-power2 (4 bids $10 start) (untested)
    $29.00 8/16/04 #3832890186 u.s.surplus (2 bids $19 start) (untested)