Tektronix 7B80 400 MHz Delayed Time Base

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Tektronix Catalog Cost
$745 (1977)
$1255 (1982)
$1530 (1985)
$1885 (1989)
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  • Triggering to 400 MHz
  • Calibrated 10ns/div to 5s/div in 27 steps
  • Variable Trigger Holdoff
  • Peak-to-Peak Auto Triggering
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    Option 02 = X-Y display

    The 7B80 and 7B85 are horizontal time bases recommended for use with 7700, 7800 and 7900 Series Mainframes to provide optimum bandwidth/sweep-speed compatibility. (Each may be used in any slower 7000 Series Mainframe with some reduction in sweep accruacy at the fastest sweep speed.)

    Either plug-in can be used separately as an independent single time base, or they can be combined in any mainframe with two horizontal compartments for delaying and delayed operation.

    X-Y displays are available using a 7B80 with Option 02. A front-panel button (DISPLAY MODE) selects either normal sweep or X-Y display. Both signals are applied to vertical (Y) amplifiers, and the desired horizontal (X) signal is then routed through plug-in and mainframe trigger paths to the 7B80. An X-Y mode selection then applies the signal to the horizontal deflection system.

    The 7B80 and 7B85 pair provide the Δ time measurement capability in addition to the standard delay time capability. Either time interval is digitally displayed on the crt. A single intensified zone, which you can position anywhere on the trace, identifies the delay time interval (the time from the "A" or main sweep to the start of the intensified zone). Two intensified zones, which you can position anywhere on a trace, identify the Δ time interval (time between intensified zones_. Alternate sweep switching makes it possible to display the information between the intensified zones full screen at the "B" sweep speed. By overlapping the two expanded waveforms, you are confident of the exact positioning of the intensified zones on the "A" sweep. This results in easy-to-make, precise and repeatable timing measurements.

    By rotating the TRACE SEPARATION control out of the OFF position, the Δ time mode is activated. Two intensified zones can be independently positioned. As in the conventional delay mode, the DELAY TIME knob adjusts the time to the first intensified zone.

    (from the 1977 and 1982 Tektronix Catalogs)



    Tektronix Catalog CostLow BidHigh Bidaverage
    $745 (1977)
    $1255 (1982)
    $1530 (1985)
    $1885 (1989)
    $30.00 8/2/01 # 1621490270 pete-sigep
    $13.51 8/5/01 #1622010855 sargemark
    $25.00 8/6/01 #1622200566 hagtech
    $17.67 8/8/01 #1623013737 deltafi
    $15.75 8/17/01 #1625975259 del1935
    $33.00 8/23/01 #1628150983 pete-sigep
    * $20.03 9/7/01 #1633722634 bbg
    $40.00 9/28/01 #1641177637 bbg
    $28.50 10/12/01 #1648440770 bbg
    $36.50 10/19/01 #1649718142 zamer88505
    $21.85 10/26/01 #1654350597 staceymama@hotmail
    $21.50 11/1/01 #1654860571 asset-manager
    $26.00 1/10/03 #3105008467 bill_dee (6 bids $5 start)
    $11.50 9/2/04 #3836282346 ion44 (4 bids $10 start) (untested?)
    *$9.99 (+~$11 ship) 7/15/08 #330251102997 ridge_equipment (1 bid) (tested to work-guaranteed not DOA)
    $15.50 (+$19 ship) 11/10/10 #230546587144 funkyjunqetech (2 bids $9.95 start) (tested-works fine-returnable)