Tektronix 7A16A 225 MHz Wide Bandwidth Amplifier

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Tektronix Catalog Cost
$475 (1973-new)
$650 (1977)
$1030 (1982)
$1200 (1985)

  • DC to 225 MHz Bandwidth
  • DC to 20 MHz Bandwidth Limiting available
  • 1MΩ 2%, 20pf Input
  • 5 mV/div to 5 V/div Calibrated Deflection Factors

    The 1979 catalog lists the following recommended probes for the 7A16A:
    Passive : P6009, P6013A, P6015, P6063B, P6101, P6106
    Active : P6046, P6201, P6202
    Current : P6021, P6022, P6302/AM503


    The 7A16A is a wideband plug-in amplifier for all 7000-Series mainframes. It features constant bandwidth over the deflection factor range of 5 mV/div to 5 V/div. Polarity of the display is selectable, as is bandwidth, which can be either FULL or limited to 20 MHz for low frequency applications.

    7900 FAMILY7900225 MHz1.6 ns
    7700 FAMILY7704A Opt 9170 MHz *2.1 ns
    7704A160 MHz2.2 ns
    R7704150 MHz2.4 ns
    7600 FAMILY7603/R7603
    7603N Opt 11 **
    100 MHz3.5 ns
    7500 FAMILY750490 MHz3.9 ns
    750390 MHz3.9 ns
    751490 MHz3.9 ns
    7400 FAMILY7403N/R7403N60 MHz5.9 ns
    STORAGE FAMILY7623/R7623100 MHz3.5 ns
    7613/R7613100 MHz3.5 ns
    7313/R731325 MHz14 ns
    DC to 20 MHz within 3 MHz bandwidth mode. 10 Hz or less, AC coupled (lower -3 dB)
    * System bandwidth temperature range from +20°C to +30°C.
    ** Refer to 50 MHz Ruggedized Oscilloscope System.

    Deflection Factor -- 5 mV/div to 5 V/div in 10 calibrated steps (1-2-5 sequence). Accuracy is within 2% with GAIN adjusted at 10 mV/div. Uncalibrated VARIABLE is continuous between steps and to at least 12.5 V/div.

    Input R and C -- 1 MΩ within 2%; @20pF

    Max Input Voltage -- DC Coupled: 250 V (DC + Peak AC); AC component 500 V P-P maximum, 1 kHz or less. AC Coupled: 500V (DC + Peak AC); AC component 500 V P-P maximum 1 kHz or less.

    DC Stability -- Drift with ambient temperature (constant line voltage) is 0.01 div/°C. Drift time (ambient temperature and line voltage constant) 0.02 div in any one minute after 1 hour warm-up.

    Probes --
    1X FETP62015%7500,7700,7900

    above excerpt from 1973 Tektronix Products Catalog



    To effectively use the 7A16A, the operation and capabilities of the instrument must be known. This section describes fron-panel control functions, general information on signal input connections, and other subjects that pertain to various measurement applications.


    The 7A16A can be installed in any compartment of TEKTRONIX 7000-Series Oscilloscopes, but is intended for use primarily in vertical plug-in compartments. To install, align the upper and lower rails of the 7A16A with the oscilloscope tracks and insert the plug-in. The front panel will be flush with the front of the oscilloscope when the plug-is inserted, and the latch at the bottom-left corner will be in place against the front panel.

    Functions of Controls and Connectors

    Front Panel

    INPUT Connector
    Provides signal connection to the amplifier.

    AC-GND-DC Switch
    Selects signal input coupling mode.

    AC: The AC component of the signal is coupled to the input while the DC component is blocked.

    DC: Both AC and DC components of the signal is coupled to the amplifier input.

    GND: Grounds the amplifier input while maintaining the same load at the INPUT connector. Provides a path for pre-charging the AC coupling capacitor (this feature protects both the 7A16A and the source generator from possible over-voltage conditions).


    Controls position of the trace.

    IDENTIFY Pushbutton

    Deflects trace about 0.3 division for trace identification. In instruments with readout, also replaces readout with the word "IDENTIFY".

    VOLTS/DIV Switch

    Selects calibrated deflection factors from 5 mV/div to 5 V/div; 10 steps in a 1-2-5 sequence.


    Provides continuously variable uncalibrated settings between calibrated steps. Extends the deflection factor to 12.5 volts/division or more.

    GAIN Adjustment

    Screwdriver adjustment permits calibration of deflection factor.

    POLARITY Switch

    Provides a means of inverting the display.

    +UP: A positive-going signal at the INPUT connector deflects the CRT display upward.

    INVERT: A positive-going signal at the INPUT connector deflects the CRT display downward.

    BANDWIDTH Switch

    Provides a means of limiting the upper bandwidth.

    FULL: Allows the 7A16A to operate at full rated bandwidth.

    20 MHz: Reduces the upper bandwidth of the 7A16A to about 20 MHz.

    above excerpt from 7A16A AMPLIFIER Instruction Manual


    1- 1366-1059-00Push Button : Gray (Identify)
    1- 2366-1077-00Knob, Gray (large outer) (position)
    1- 3366-1166-00Knob : Red (Variable)
    1- 4366-1299-00Knob : Gray (Volts/Div)
    1- 5366-0215-02Knob : Lever Switch (AC-GND-DC)
    1- 6366-1058-42Knob : Latch (7A16A Pull Tab)
    1-78(R516)311-0091-00Res., Var, Nonwir : 1K Ohm, 10%, .5W (AB CB2025) (Gain)
    1-81(R515/S515)311-1421-01Res., Var, Nonwir : 2.5K Ohm, 10%, 0.5 W w/ Switch (AB W-3083-E) (VAR)
    1-14(R736/S736)311-1320-00Res., Var, Nonwir : 5K Ohm, 10%, 1W w/ Switch (Vert Position / Identify)
    1-17260-0816-00Switch, Slide : DPDT (Polarity)
    1-17260-0816-00Switch, Slide : DPDT (Bandwidth)
    U350(<B030000)155-0078-05Microcircuit, LI : ML, Vert Ampl, Sel
    U350(>B030000)155-0078-01Microcircuit, LI : ML, Vert Ampl, Sel
    U450(<B030000)155-0078-07Microcircuit, LI : ML, Vert Ampl, Sel
    U450(>B030000)155-0078-03Microcircuit, LI : ML, Vert Ampl, Sel
    U550(<B030000)155-0078-07Microcircuit, LI : ML, Vert Ampl, Sel
    U550(>B030000)155-0078-03Microcircuit, LI : ML, Vert Ampl, Sel
    U750(<B030000)155-0078-07Microcircuit, LI : ML, Vert Ampl, Sel
    U750(>B030000)155-0078-03Microcircuit, LI : ML, Vert Ampl, Sel

    Tektronix Catalog CostLow BidHigh Bidaverage
    $475 (1973-new)
    $650 (1977)
    $1030 (1982)
    $1200 (1985)
    no bids (asked $19.95) 8/9/01 #1623291783 del1935
    * $9.99 8/9/01 #1623428599 deltafi
    $15.00 8/11/01 #1623879158 30for30s
    $22.68 8/14/01 #1625087345 ridgeeq
    $14.95 8/15/01 #1625294641 del1935
    $49.99 8/19/01 #1626811693 j.a.
    $9.99 9/7/01 #1632451628 darbo
    no bids (asked $14.95) 11/8/01 #1657886429 del1935
    $9.99 12/4/02 #1921601575 baluga8