Tektronix 602 5-Inch X-Y Display Unit

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$700 (1969) ...
$20.00 (+$25 ship) 8/30/08 #290256042237 misc.electronics (buy-it-now) (dot on screen)

  • 1-MHz X and Y Bandwidth
  • 100KΩ 30pF Input Impedance
  • 100mV/cm X and Y Deflection Factors
  • DC coupled Z axis
  • All Solid-State Design

    The Type 602 Display Unit is a compact, solid-state instrument with excellent resolution providing accurate displays of information from X, Y and Z signal inputs. Application areas are: phase shifts and frequency ratios using Lissajous figures, graphic and alphanumeric displays from computers, high-resolution raster displays with intensity modulation and Y-T plots of amplitude versus time displays.