SD46 20 GHz Sampling Head / TDR

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    The SD46 is an optical-to-electrical (O/E) converter for use with the Tektronix CSA803 and 11800 Series sampling oscilloscopes equipped with an SD2x or SD3x Electrical Sampling Head. The SD46 converter can be plugged directly into an 11800 sampling slot or CSA803 power slot. The optical signal input is a standard FC/PC fiber optic connector. Other connector types can be accommodated by using optional hybrid fiber optic jumper cables.

    This unit has the following applications:
  • High Speed Optical Communication Testing (SONET/SDH)
  • Optical Source and Device Characterization
  • Pulse Shape Analysis
  • Analyze Relaxation Oscillation

    This unit has the following specifications:
  • Wavelength: 1100 to 1650 nm
  • Bandwidth: DC to 20.0 GHz
  • Linear up to 25nW peak input with a calibrated deflection factor from 50 microW/div. to 5mW/div at 1300 nW

    It works with the CSA803C and 11801C Sampling Oscilloscopes.