SD42 Optical Electrical Converter

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$3995 (1998) ...
$152.50 3/13/06 #7596447571 computerasset00 (2 bids $150 start) (untested)
$138.49 (+$20 ship) 1/9/08 #270200680604 titansales123 (7 bids $24.99 start) (untested)

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    Tektronix SD42 Optical Electrical Converter
    The SD-42 is an Optical-to-Electrical converter for use with the Tektronix CSA803 or 11800 family of Digital Sampling Oscilloscopes. The SD-42 has an impulse response of 55 ps max and a dc-6.4 GHZ optical bandwidth. Spectral response is 1000 to 1700 nm. Input connection is through a fc fiber optic connection. Output connection is through a 2.92 mm (f) connector.
    The SD42 Optical-to-electrical Converter head can be used to analyze optical signals in the 1000 nm to 1700 nm wavelength range. The pulse response of the measurement system is less than 55 ps FWHM (Full-width, Half-maximum), which is equivalent to a calculated bandwidth of DC to 6.4 GHz.
    SD42 is also equipped with an optical power meter for average power monitoring through a pair of voltage outputs on the front panel. Power from 5 nW to 5 mW can be measured.