Tektronix 11000-Series High Performance Laboratory Oscilloscopes

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11400 Series Oscilloscopes FAQ at Tektronix

11201 400MHz Programmable Digitizing Oscilloscope Main Frame
($314 avg)
11301 400MHz Programmable Analog Oscilloscope Main Frame
11301A 400MHz Programmable Analog Oscilloscope Main Frame
11302 500MHz Analog Oscilloscope Main Frame
11302A 500MHz Analog Oscilloscope Main Frame
11401 1GHz Digitizing Oscilloscope Main Frame
11402 1GHz Digitizing Oscilloscope Main Frame
11402A 1GHz Digitizing Oscilloscope Main Frame
11403 1GHz Digitizing Oscilloscope Main Frame
11403A 1GHz Digitizing Oscilloscope Main Frame
11801 Digital Sampling Oscilloscope
11801A Digital Sampling Oscilloscope
11801B Digital Sampling Oscilloscope

11801C Digital Sampling Oscilloscope
11802 Digital Sampling Oscilloscope
DSA602A - Digitizing Signal Analyzer
11000 Blank Cover
11000 Blank Plug-In
11A16 Current Amplifier
(115 avg)
11A32 Dual-Trace 400MHz Amplifier
(209 avg)
11A33 Differential Comparator
11A34 four-channel 11000-Series vertical amplifier
11A52 Dual Trace 600MHz Amplifier
(130 avg)
11A71 One GHz bandwidth at lower cost/channel than the 11A72
11A72 One GHz bandwidth
11A81 3 GHz Bandwidth

SD14 3GHz Sampling Unit


SD22 Sampling Unit / TDR

SD24 20GHz Sampling Unit / TDR

SD26 20 GHz Sampling Unit (like SD24 but no TDR)

SD30 40GHz Sampling Unit / TDR

SD32 50GHz Sampling Unit

SD42 1300nm Optical Electrical Converter

SD43 Optical-to-Electrical Converter 700 - 1650 nm

SD44 Optical-to-Electrical Converter 1000 - 1650 nm

SD46 20GHz Sampling Unit / TDR

SD48 Optical to Electrical Converter 30GHz Sampling Head (950nm-1650nm)

SD51 20 GHz Trigger Head

Tektronix 11000-Series High Performance Laboratory Oscilloscopes

The Tektronix 11000-Series is a powerful set of analysis tools that feature simplification and automation of the entire measurement and analysis process.  Accuracy, sensitivity. bandwidth, offset, and overdrive recovery are provided by a well-planned instrument family having plug-in versatility and performance.   Multi-processor architecture allows fro simultaneous display of up to eight waveforms, and up to six dynamic, "live" measurement readouts.  The automation needs of scientific and production environments are easily met by integrating these instruments into a measurement system through RS-232C or GPIB interfaces.

The Digitizing Signal Analyzer (DSA) Series incorporates a dedicated digital signal processor (DSP) making it the most powerful instrument in the 11000 series.  The dedicated DSP allows simultaneous real-time FFT and time-domain display, fast averaging at 180 waveforms/second, signal dejitter, and more.

The Communications Signal Analyzer (CSA) series offers signal analysis and the powerful measurement capabilities required to analyze high-speed digital communications signals.  Features of the CSA404 include histograms, mask testing, and a color-graded display; allowing you to perform accurate measurements such as jitter, noise, and phase.

11000-Series Mainframes:

GPIB and RS232C standard on all mainframes. 

11302 500 MHz Analog mainframe with MicroChannel Plate CRT. Features comprehensive 500 MHz counter / timer functions with on screen gating. (trigger view)  This is essentially the laboratory version of a 2467B with the added counter features. Certainly one of the finest analog oscilloscopes ever made.  For example, this precision scope even calibrates its crt beam to the graticule by sensing beam position at power-up  One available, SN B010112, G+, with copy Operators Manual. Tektronix 11302 $ 750

11403  1 GHz Color Digitizing mainframe, 20 MS/s.  High precision scope, 10-bit A/D (14 bits w/averaging).  The 11403 adds color display plus a new, more reliable digitizer over the 11402A.  This particular 11403 is in good cosmetic condition, but has fairly high hours.  (No crt burn).   Tektronix 11403  $ 1200

11000-Series Plug-In Amplifiers:

Wide bandwidth, high accuracy, clean response, low noise, and calibrated dc-offset with fast overdrive recovery characterize these amplifier plug-in units.  Control of the 11000 series is accomplished through the mainframe either manually or over the GPIB or RS-232C bus.  Each input features the TekProbe interface which supplies power for active probes, and provides probe ID through a built-in serial interface.

Which amplifier to chose?  They're fast precision amps, but bandwidth costs in terms of flexibility; The 11A34 and 11A32 offer 300 to 400 MHz, wide 1 mV to 10V per division deflection factor, and selectable 1Mohm / 50 ohm input impedance.  The 11A52 will bring you as high as 600 MHz with 50 ohms input impedance and software compensation to maintain 1 mV to 10 V per division deflection.  The 11A71 and 11A72 can get as high as 1000 MHz with 50 ohm impedance, but sacrifice dynamic range at 10 mV to 1 V per division.  


One available, this hard to find plug in is in Good- condition, SN B020863 includes copy operator Manual  Tektronix 11A33  $1200


11A34, SN B033119 VG Condition w/ Users Ref    $ 900

11A34, SN B043746, VG condition w/ Users Ref    $ 900




11A72 SN B071188 VG+,  Tektronix 11A72 $650

11A72 SN B081349 EX-,  Tektronix 11A72 $650

11A72 SN B081992 VG,  Tektronix 11A72 $650