Tektronix P6467 High Speed Probe Adapter

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$5200 (1998)
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  • Input Channels : 48 Data + 2 Clock (24 Data, 1 Clock per cable)
  • Maximum Clock Frequency : Up to 100 MHz (NORM mode) or 195 MHz (DIV2 mode)
  • Maximum Data Frequency : Up to 50 MHz (NORM mode) or 97.5 MHz (DIV2 mode)
  • Input Logic Levels : HI/ONE ≥+2V, LO/ZERO ≤0.8V


    Connects to 92A96 or 92C96 Data Acquisition Modules. (These, in turn, plug into the TLA-500, DAS/NT, or DAS/XP series logic analyzers)


    The P6467 High-Speed Probe Adapter is designed for the DAS/NT, DAS/XP or TLA 500 series logic analyzers with the 92A96 or 92C96 Data Acquisition Modules. The probe provides high-speed data acquisition and logic analysis for synchronous clocking applications.

    The DAS or TLA mainframe requires :
  • System Software Release 3, Version 1.51 or higher
  • The Remote Operation Support optional system software
  • Two or more 92A96 Data Acquisition Modules installed in the mainframe
  • The 92LANP application software or a DAS mainframe with a 92C02 GPIB/Expansion Module

    You can configure the probe to operate in one of two modes, DIV2 and NORM. When you use the probe in the DIV2 mode, the probe effectively doubles the speed and memory depth of a 92A96 Module. The NORM mode lets you acquire data synchronously and asynchronously in clock speeds up to 100 MHz.

    Each probe connects to the system-under-test through two connectors. Each probe acquires 48 data signals and two clock signals through two flexible circuit board cables.

    (excerpt from P6467 High-Speed Probe Adapter Instruction Manual 070-9176-00)


    Number of Input Channels : 24 Data, One Clock (per cable)

    Clock Input
    Maximum Clock Frequency195 MHz, DIV2 Mode
    100 Mhz NORM Mode
    Maximum Differential Input Voltage, typical3.7 V p-p
    Maximum Input Common Mode Voltage Range, typical-2.0 V to +3.0 V
    Minimum Input Voltage Swing800 mV p-p
    Input Load, typical≤ 6 pF Input Capacitance
    Clock Input Threshold Adjustment Range-1.6 V to +2.6 V

    Data Input
    Maximum Data Frequency97.5 MHz, DIV2 Mode
    50 MHz NORM Mode
    Input Voltage Levels
    Vin High
    +2.0 V Minimum
    Vin Low
    +0.8 V Maximum
    Input Load, typical≤ 8 pF Capacitance
    Data Setup Time2 ns with coaxial probe cables
    2.3 ns with ribbon probe cables
    Data Hold Time1.9 ns with coaxial probe cables
    2.2 ns with ribbon probe cables
    Power Distribution System
    Power Consumption< 9 W
    External Power Source
    Connector Type
    Tektronix Part Number 131-5254-XX

    Operating Temperature+10° C to +5-° C
    Operating Humidity70% to 75% Relative Humidity (Class 7 Limits)

    Weight0.25 kg (0.56 lbs)
    DimensionsHeight = 43 mm (1.7 in)
    Width = 88 mm (3.45 in)
    Depth = 274 mm (10.8 in), includes flex cables

    (excerpt from P6467 High-Speed Probe Adapter Instruction Manual 070-9176-00)

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