Tektronix P6408 Word Recognizer Probe

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Tektronix Catalog Cost
$350 (1989-new)
$615 (1998)
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  • Input Channels : 16 Data + 1 Qualifier
  • Output Channels : 1 (Trigger via Scope Probe)
  • Input Compatibility : TTL and TTC
  • Input Logic Levels : HI/ONE ≥+2V, LO/ZERO ≤0.7V
  • Maximum Input Voltage Range : -1 V to +15 V
  • Minumum Input Pulse Width : 10 ns (one input), 40 ns (combination of inputs)
  • Output Voltage Level : HI/ONE ≥+200 mV, LO/ZERO ≤+70 mV
  • Input to Output Delay : ≤ 20 ns

  • Out of Production : 11/1/2000
  • The P6408 included a P6109 10X Passive probe. The P6408 connected to the Logic. the P6109 connected the output of the P6408 to the trigger input of the oscilloscope.

    Useable with any oscilloscope or logic analyzer


    The P6408 is a 16-channel word recognizer/trigger probe for use with digital or analog host instruments (such as oscilloscopes or logic analyzers). The P6408 allows triggering on logic states, rather than on analog levels. The trigger word is manually programmed via 16 miniature DIP switches on the probe pod with HI, LO, and DON'T CARE recognition capabilities.

    The P6408 leads are connected to the DUT (Device Under Test) via TEK SMT Grabber Clips. The grabber clips allow access to high-density circuitry, with lead spacing down to 50 mils.

    The Qualifier Input controls the time response of a logic circuit. To use the qualifier input, connect it to a line that is normally low and will only go high when a synchronous word recognition is required.

    The P6408 is an active probe and derives its operating power from the DUT. The P6408 draws a maximum 100 mA from the DUT's 5 V bus. An optional probe power cable is available that allows the P6408 to be powered from any TEK scope (with a probe power connector), 1101A Probe Power Supply, or from a user-furnished +5 V supply.

    The P6408 includes a P6109, 10X, passive probe which couples the output of the probe pod to a 1M-ohm trigger input of an oscilloscope. This presents a low C load to the probe pod and delivers a fast rise pulse to the scope's trigger input.

    (excerpt from 1989 Tektronix Catalog with input from the P6408 Instruction Manual)


    Input Channels : 16 data channels, 1 qualifier channel
    Input Logic Levels : HI/ONE, ≥+2.0 V
    LO/ZERO, ≤0.7V
    Input Loading : +2.7 V input, 20 μA max
    +0.5 V input, -600 μA max.
    Maximum Input Voltage Swing : 0 V to Vcc
    Maximum Non-destructive Input Voltage : -1 V (LO), + 15 V (HI)
    Minimum Input Pulse Width : 10 ns for any single channel
    40 ns for any channel combination.
    Input To Output Delay : 20 ns max.
    Output Pulse Width : 10 ns min. for any single channel;
    27 ns min. for any channel combination.
    Output Pulse Rise Time : 10 ns max.
    Output Pulse Falltime : 10 ns max.
    Output Voltage Level : HI/ONE, ≥+200 mV
    LO/ZERO, ≤+70 mv
    Power Requirements : Voltage : +5 V ±0.25 V
    Current : 100 mA max.
    Operating Temperature : 0 to +50°C (+32 to +122°F)
    Net Weight (Including Accessories) : 207 grams (7.2 oz)

    Tektronix Catalog CostLow BidHigh Bidaverage
    $350 (1989-new)
    $615 (1998)