Tektronix P6401 Logic Probe

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Tektronix Catalog CostLow BidHigh Bidaverage
$75 (1973-new)
$90 (1977)
$135 (1982)
$170 (1985)
$190 (1989)
$10.86 (+$ ship) 1/8/08 #250203147933 takstaks1234 (2 bids $9.99 start) (new - 5 day ROR)
$15.70 (+~$12 ship) 1/24/08 #270204682921 cieinternational(2 bids $9.99 start)

  • Low State Input Voltage Range : 0V to +0.7 V
  • High State Input Voltage Range : 2.175 V to Vcc
  • Minimum Recognizable Pulse Width : 10 ns
  • Impedance : 7.5 kΩ paralleled by 6 pF.
  • Minimum Circuit Resistance for Open Circuit Indication : 10 kΩ
  • Maximum Safe Input : ± 150 V (dc or rms)
  • Mininum Recognizable Strobe Pulse Width : 20 ns
  • Strobe Input Impedance : 5.6 k&937; within 20%

  • The small, lightweight, hand-held P6401 indicates the state of logic levels in TTL, DTL, or any other system with threshold between 0.7 and 2.15 volts. A stobe input can be used to detect the coincidence of logic signals at two points. An indication of whether a logic pulse has or has not occurred can be obtained in a "store" mode.

    Power may be obtained from the unit under test or any 5 V supply.

    Two bright lights in the probe tip indicate condition of the logic signal.

    State or ConditionIndication
    Steady high stateSteady red light
    Steady low stateSteady green light
    Pulse trains (normal logic switching>Blinking red and green light at full intensity
    Abnormal state (between high and low)No lights
    Open circuitNo lights
    Excessive input voltage greater than 6 VBoth red and green lights lit
    Alternating between high state and indeterminate stateBlinking red light
    Alternating between low state and indeterninate stateBlinking green light
    Single or very low duty cycle logic pulseUsing STORE mode, one light will be on initially. Event had occurred when second light is lit.