Tektronix P6205

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$660 (1998)
$990 (1/2008)
$60.00 7/31/01 #1620369735 goldenrubi
$203.50 8/9/01 #1623348739 gglck
$103.50 1/12/03 #1950509531 anymetal (unused-no case,access) (4 bids $45 start)
$31.02 9/14/04 #3838529314 hkh007 (5 bids $10 start) (untested-w/grabber,ground clip)

  • 750MHz
  • 10X
  • Compensation Range:
  • Readout : ?
  • Ground Reference : ?
  • Scope Compatibility : 11000 series and the TDS family

    TEKTRONIX P6205 FET probe, 750MHz, 2pF, 1Mohms, 10X.

    The P6205 Probe is part of Tektronix' line of Low Circuit Loading Signal Acquisition probes for CSA (Communications Signal Analyzers), DSA (Digitizing Signal Analyzers), 11000 Series and the TDS Family of Oscilloscopes.

    The P6205 is designed with FET devices for its inputs, which allows very high input resistance values and low input capacitances.

    Both Active FET probes provide a wide linear dynamic input range for accessing most digital device families using today's logic voltage levels.

    Power for the P6205 is supplied by the CSA, DSA, TDS and 11000 Series mainframes through the TEKPROBE BNC Interface, eliminating the need for extra cabling and/or external power supplies.

    Probe information such as type, serial number, attenuation factor, offset scale factor, input resistance and termination resistance required is communicated through the TEKPROBE Interface between the Active Probe and the CSA, DSA and 11000 Series mainframes. This information is used by these oscilloscope mainframes during the scope initialization sequence and measurement analysis.

  • DC to 750 MHz
  • 2 pF Input C
  • 1 Megaohm Input R
  • Integral Probe Power TEKPROBE BNC
    Probe Type Nominal Cable Length in Meters Attenuation Bandwidth at -3 dB in MHz Input C in pF Input R in Ohm Linear Dynamic Range in Volts DC Offset Range in Volts Max. Voltage in Volts (DC + pk AC) Interface/Readout/Identify*1 Recommended Instrument
    P6205 1.5 10X 750 2 1 M ±10 NA ±40 TPB/Y/N 11000*2, TDS400, TDS500, TDS600, TDS700, TDS3000, TDS5000, TDS7000
    *1 Interface/Readout/Identify Code: (TPB = TEKPROBE™ BNC)/(TPS = TEKPROBE SMA)/(BNC = CONVENTIONAL BNC)/(Y = Yes)/(N = No).
    *2 11000 SERIES = 11A32/11A34/11A52/11A71/11A72/11A81.