Tektronix P6203 10x FET probe

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Tektronix Catalog Cost
$825 (1989-new)
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  • Bandwidth : DC to 1 GHz
  • Risetime : <350 ps
  • Attenuation : 10X
  • Input Resistance : >10 KΩ
  • Input Capacitance : approx. 2.0pF
  • Scope Input Resis : 50 Ω
  • Readout Pin : Yes
  • Ground Ref : ?
  • ID Button : Yes
  • Max Rated Voltage : 40 VDC


    Designed for the 11000-Series Oscilloscopes and plug-ins


    The P6203 and P6204 high-performance Active Probes round out the capabilities of the 11000-Series oscilloscopes and plug-ins.

    The P6203 is a 10X, 1-GHz, medium impedance (medium input R, low input C), miniature size Active (Bipolar) probe intended for use in testing high speed logic and analog circuitry. The P6203 also provides a variable (±10V) dc offset function which is controlled via the mainframe.

    Although primarily designed for the 11A52 and 11A71 plug-ins, the P6203 active probe may be used with the other 11000-Series plug-ins.

    The 50-ohm termination required by the P6203 is automatically accommodated by the 11000-Series mainframe. When an 11000-Series active probe is connected to an input connector of an 11A32, 11A33, or 11A34 Amplifier plug-in unit, the plug-in input impedance is automatically switched to 50 ohms.

    The P6203 probes have an IDENTIFY button which, when pressed, will cause any one or more of several actions to be taken by the mainframe; these include autoset, recall the next in a series of stored setups, invoke the automatic-measurement function, or issue an SRQ. These actions are selectable via the mainframe Utility Menu.

    The P6203 Active Probe provides communications (intelligent probes) through the TekProbe™ interface connector. The probe can (if available on the specific probe) communicate one or more of the following: it's type, serial number, attenuation ratio, input impedance, offset scale factor, and other key parameters to and from the host instrument. Power for the Active probes is also supplied fhrouth the TekProbe™ interface, eliminating the need for extra cabling and external power supplies.

    The P6203 may also be used with other oscilloscopes via the 1103 TekProbe™ power supply.

    (excerpt from 1989 Tektronix catalog)
    Attenuation :10X within 1.5%
    Input Resistance :>10 KΩ
    Input Capacitance :2.0 pF. (Typically 1.8 pF)
    Bandwidth (-3 dB) :DC - 1.0 GHz
    Risetime :<350 ps
    Maximum Input Voltage :40 VDC
    Dimension :
    CABLE : 1.5 m

    (excerpt from 1989 Tektronix catalog)

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    $825 (1989-new) ...