Tektronix P6156 for 50Ω Oscilloscopes

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$200 (1989-new)
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$177.50 12/15/02 #1924895037 electro3
$86.00 1/12/03 #3105548457 electro3 (11 bids $10 start) (w/case,access)
$98.00 1/19/03 #3107460476 electro3 (13 bids $10 start) (w/case,access)
$19.38 (+~$13 ship) 2/5/08 #290203121185 etech4sale (5 bids $10 start) (w/grabber, gnd clip)
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Bandwidth≥1.5 GHz≥3.5 GHz≥3.5 GHz≥1.5 GHz
Atten. Tolerance±5.0%±3.0%±3.0%±3.0%
Input Resistance50Ω ±5.0%500Ω ±5.0%1000Ω ±5.0%5000Ω ±5.0%
Input CapacitanceN/A≤1pF≤1pF≤1pF
Max Rated Voltage15 VRMS15 VRMS22 VRMS50 VRMS
  • Scope Input Resis : 50Ω
  • Compensation Range :
  • Readout Pin : YES
  • Ground Ref : NO
  • ID Button : YES
  • Cable Length : 1.5 meters
  • Shipping Weight : 2 lb (907 g)
  • Scope Compatibility : 11A71 & others

  • The P6156 (10X) is a DC to 3.5 GHz, compact size, fist-rise, low input capacitance, passive voltage probe with a constant input resistance over a wide range of frequencies. It is designed for use with wide band oscilloscope amplifiers with 50Ω inputs, such as the Tektronix 11000 Series with tha 11A71 plug-in. Options are available for 1X, 20X and 100X attenuation values. The attenuator tips are color coded for proper tip identification. In "identify" button on the probe head provides trace identity and allows control of one or more programmable functions in 11000 Series oscilloscopes. The P6156 is equipped with a BNC connector that provides trace identify and digital readout information when used with plug-ins or mainframes incorporating these features. With the appropriate adapters and interconnects, the P6156 probe can be used with sampling systems. probe is a compact, high-impedance, 10X passive probe designed for use with Tektronix TDS 400 series digitizing oscillosopes. The P6156 probe meets the requirements of UL3111-1 for ground-referenced applications and is fully compatible with the Tektronix family of 3.5 mm probe accessories.

    Note that the P6156 can be used with the 7000 Series, 5000 Series, 2400 Series, or other oscilloscopes.

    (above excerpt from Tektronix® Products Instruction Manual 070-6430-01 for P6156)