Tektronix P6057 Passive Probe

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Tektronix Catalog Cost
$45 (1973)
$99 (1977)
$145 (1982)
$190 (1985)
$195 (1989)
e-Bay Sample Prices

  • Bandwidth : DC to 1.4 GHz
  • Risetime : 250 ps
  • Attenuation : 100X
  • Input Resistance : 5000Ω
  • Input Capacitance : approx. 1 pF
  • Scope Input Resis : 50Ω
  • Readout Pin : Yes
  • Ground Ref : No
  • ID Button : Yes
  • Max Rated Voltage : 50 V RMS

    Catalogs specifically mention the
    7A19, 7A24, 7A29
    485, DC508A(P6056 only), SI5010(P6057), DC5010(P6056), 11000 series

    The P6056 (10X), and P6057 (100X), are miniature, fast-rise, low input-capacitance probes with relatively constant input resistance over a wide range of frequencies, designed for use with 50 Ω wide-band oscilloscopes such as the Tektronix 7904 with 7A19 plug-in installed.

    Cable length for each probe is selected for calibrated signal delay.

    These probes can also be used with sampling systems by utilizing appropriate adapters.

    Both probes are equipped with a special BNC connector that provides trace identify and digital readout information when used with plug-in units or mainframes that have these features. A button on the Trace Shift Sleeve portion of the probe body provides the trace identify function.

    above excerpt from Tektronix P6056/P6057 Probe Manual

    Electrical characteristics are applicable when used with an instrument that is calibrated within an ambient temperature between +20°C and +30°C. Unless otherwise stated, electrical characteristics apply over and operating temperature range from -15°C to +55°C, and to an altitude of 15,000 feet.


    The following electrical specifications apply when the probe is operating into a 50 Ω oscilloscope input or a 50 Ω termination.

    Attenuation: (Includes ±2% Input Resistance of Oscilloscope) P6056, 10X within 3%
    P6057, 100X within 3%.
    Input Resistance: (Within 3%) P6056, 500 Ω DC to 300 MHz, decreasing to 250 Ω at 1 GHz.

    P6057, 5000 Ω DC to 300 MHz, decreasing to 1500 Ω at 1 GHz

    Input Capacitance: P6056 and P6057: Approximately 1 pF.

    Bandwidth (-3 dB): (Calculated from Risetime) P6056: DC to 3.5 GHz (probe only), DC to approximately 500 MHz with 7A19 and 7904
    P6057: DC to 1.4 GHz (probe only), DC to approximately 480 MHz with 7A19 and 7904.

    Risetime: P6056: 100 ps (probe only).
    P6057: 250 ps (probe only).

    Maximum Input Voltage: (Limited by 0.5 W nose resistor dissipation, and derated with frequency). P6056: 16 V DC or RMS (AC or pulse) to 800 MHz, decreasing to 9 V at 1 GHz..
    P6057: 50 V DC or RMS (AC or pulse) to 500 MHz, decreasing to 21 V at 1 GHz.

    Signal Delay Time: P6056 and P6057: 8.2 ns (6 ft probe), 12.3 ns (9 ft probe), each within 35 ps.

    Weight: 6 ft probe - 2 ounces, 9 ft. probe - 3 ounces (complete with accessories, except Instruction Manual). Shipping: 6 ft probe - 12 ounces, 9 ft probe - 13 ounces.
    Dimensions: Nominally 6 ft. and 9 ft. long (Calibrated for signal delay time).
    Environmental: Probe will operate within specifications over the following ranges:

    Temperature - From -15°C to +55°C.
    Altitude - To 15,000 feet..
    above excerpt from Tektronix P6056/P6057 Probe Manual

    Tektronix Catalog CostLow BidHigh Bidaverage
    $45 (1973)
    $99 (1977)
    $145 (1982)
    $190 (1985)
    $195 (1989)