Tektronix P6015

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Tektronix Catalog CostLow BidHigh Bidaverage
$225 (1969)
$275 (1973)
$380 (1977)
$555 (1982)
$650 (1985)
$725 (1989)
$212.50 7/26/01 #1618619649 accutekhk
$287.00 8/7/01 #1622603700 outback6
$100.00(+? ship) 1/20/08 #270204973668 vfdinverter (1 bid) ("perfect condition"-in case with all parts shown)
$59.86 (+$15 ship) 2/2/08 #180209975793 tjs6121 (6 bids $0.99 start) (in case with all parts except freon can)

  • MHz
  • 1000 X
  • Compensation Range: .
  • Readout : .

    TEK P6015 HIGH VOLTAGE PROBE WITH ALL ACCESSORIES INCLUDING THE CAN OF FREON, WHICH IS HARD TO FIND. THIS PROBE IS IN EXCELLENT CONDITION AND HAS BEEN TESTED AND FOUND TO BE IN PERFECT WORKING CONDITION. MEASURES UP TO 40 KV WITH AN OSCILLOSCOPE. The Tektronix P6015 is a 1000X attenuator probe that will add high voltage capabilites to your plug-ins or Oscilloscopes with an input resistance of 1 Meg ohm and input capacity of up to 50 pF. The complete probe assembly consists of the probe body, a 10 foot interconnecting cable with resistive center conductor and the compensating box & BNC output connector.
    This High Voltage Probe Kit by Tektronix is Model P6015. It features a 1000X attenuation, a 3 pF input capicitance, and a max input of 20 kV AC or DC continuous or 40 kV peak.
    The Tektronix P 6015 High-Voltage Probe is a 1000x attenuator probe that adds high voltage capabilities to oscilloscopes and plug-in units with input resistances of 1 megohm and capacitances of up to 50 picofarad (pF).
  • Maximum input voltage (DC or RMS): 20 kV
  • Maximum input voltage (pulse): 40 kV peak
  • Rise time: approximately 4 nanoseconds
  • Length of interconnecting cable: about 10 feet
  • Length of probe body: appr. 40 cm
    Tek P6015 1000x, 3pF High Voltage Probe NICE!
    This is a 1000x 3pF 100 Mohm High Voltage P6015 Probe. The probe may be used out of the box as a P6012, having a 12 kilovolt maximum rating. Or it can be recharged with dielectric fluid to form a P6015 with ratings of 40 kilovolts pulse and 20 kilovolt continuous dc.