TDS520 500 MHz Digitizing Oscilloscope

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$366.50 3/25/03 #2517105358 jtsele (some diags. failed) (18 bids $10 start)

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    Form FactorBenchtop
    Bandwidth500 MHz
    Number of Channels2 ch
    Simultaneous Channels2 ch
    Simultaneous Maximum Sampling Rate/ch250 MSa/s
    One ch. only max. sampling rate500 MSa/s
    Max. Record Length15000 pt/sec
    Min. Vertical Sensitivity1 mV/div
    Maximum Vertical Sensitivity10 V/div
    Rise time700 ps
    Number of Bits8 bits
    Input Impedance1 MOhm
    Input Impedance (alternate)50 Ohm
    Input CouplingAC,DC,GND
    Maximum Input Voltage400 Vrms
    Main time base - lowest500 ps/div
    Main time base - highest10 s/div
    Timebase accuracy0.0025 %
    Trigger SourceInternal
    Trigger ModesAuto,Edge,Logic,Normal,Pulse,Single
    Minimum Glitch Trigger2 ns
    Display Size17.78 cm
    Display modesDot,Persistence,Vector
    Display Update Rate200 wv/sec