465 100 MHz Dual Trace Oscilloscope with DM44 Option

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Orig CostLow BidHigh Bidaverage
$2555 (w/ DM44) (1977) ...
$222.50 (+~$55 ship) 7/5/07 #280130712376 markmikie (14 bids $39 start) (traces shown on screen-w/manual,temp probe,2-probes,cover)

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  • DC TO 100 MHz BANDWIDTH -- Conservative, in the Tek tradition.
  • DUAL TRACE - Chopped or alternately displayed.
  • 5mV/DIV - 50V/DIV VERTICAL - Enough sensitivity to test microphones, and enough range for vacuum tube circuitry too. Also with Tek's good overload protection, it can handle sunstantial overvoltage without frying the inputs.
  • 0.05 uSEC/DIV TO .5s/DIV HORIZONTAL - Speedy enough so you can watch short glitches.
  • TIMES 10 SWEEP MAGNIFIER -- Even more expansion for watching extra closely.
  • Dual sweeps, DELAYED or EXPANDED SWEEPS- Nice ten-turn knob so you can slide along the waveform at your leisure.
  • TRIGGER VIEW-- Pull a knob and watch what the trigger circuit is seeing-- great for optimizing triggering levels and bandwidths.
  • A cornucopia of triggering and sweep options!
  • 8.10 cm CRT-- Big enough so those of us with old eyeballs can read it from across the room.
  • DM44 Digital Multimeter with Freq measurement capability from CRT and temperature measurement.