Tektronix 2235 100MHz Oscilloscope

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Orig CostLow BidHigh Bidaverage
$1650 (1985)
$1595 (1989)
$147.50 1/26/03 #3109862567 mail@val-u-max.com (seems ok) (19 bids $75 start)
no bids (asked $199.99) 1/26/03 #3109367083 pawlus@mindspring.com
$80.99 (+~$15 ship) 7/5/07 #290133981898 ufoundet (2 bids $79.99 start)

  • DC - 100 MHz
  • 2-Channel
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    Product Description From The Web:

    "The 2235 ensures measurement quality and reliability while reducing instrument cost. Tek started with the innovative architecture of the 2200 Series: fewer boards, fewer mechanical parts, less cabling and electrical connectors. This approach, plus advanced circuit design and a focus on essential features, has led to a scope that is more accurate, more reliable, lighter and more serviceable-and simpler to use-than any other 100 MHz scope.

    The 2235 delivers 2% vertical and horizontal accuracy in normal operation. Accuracy of 3% or better is maintained across a wide range of environmental extremes. Trace noise, chop noise, vertical aberrations and sweep interference have been reduced to a minimum. Delay jitter of 1:20,000 ensures excellent timing measurement resolution. Triggering is sensitive to 0.3 div at 10 MHz. There is a trigger view for simplifying setup; single sweep for photographing transients; and a new, bright, high-resolution 14kV dome mesh CRT.