Tektronix TLA 704 200 MHz Logic Analyzer

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$2,000.00 1/28/03 #3109916590 unclecameron (working) (1 bid $2000 start)
$1736.99 1/29/03 test-equipment.net (tested 1A option, w/TLA7M3) (32 bids $125 start)

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    TLA704 Color Mainframe
    TLA7M3 102 Channel 2 GHz Timing, 100 MHz State Logic Analyzer Module (uses P6417 Probes)
    1A option Dds LAN PC CARD
    This is a complete logic analyzer, 2 GHz Timing, 200 MHz State, 128K depth, 102 channel with MagniVu Acquisition, probes, and manuals.

    TLA704/1S Analyzer Mainframe
    This unit comes with a 2GB hard drive. Runs Win 98SE and application software ver 3.2. Comes with Etherlink III PCMCIA card and dongle for connection to your Ethernet network. Floppy drive on side. This unit has a built in touchpad, keyboard, and a large color LCD, but you can attach external versions if you want. This unit comes with a backpack with many compartments.
    TLA7L3/1S/2S Logic Analyzer Module
    This module has the 1S option to increase clock speed from 100 MHz to 200 MHz, and the 2S option to increase memory depth to 128K/channel. The two unused analyzer slots are covered with a slot cover.
    P6434 probe set (for all six logic analyzer module connectors
    The P6434 probe can connect to surface-mounted or straddle-mounted Mictor connectors.
    Tektronix TLA 704 logic analyzer Mainframe, 2 GHz Timing, 200 MHz State. Includes dual 7L4 136 channel, 2 GHz Timing and 100 MHz State speed modules that use MagniVu. The Analyzer has the 1S option which is a 2GB hard drive and 32MB of memory and an increase from 100MHz to 200MHz. Just installed the latest software drivers from Tektronix. Very minor scratches here and there keep it from being a 10, but nothing visible unless you really look. Doesnít come with external mouse or keyboard, but there is a provision for both and there is a front panel touchpad and keypad you can use. Has very nice large flat screen thatís very easy to read. Also has external connection if you want to use a desktop monitor. Dual PCMCIA slots in the back of unit. Comes with a soft zippered pouch on top for storage. Side mounted floppy drive. Most recent firmware update in modules, so you should be up and running right away.
    Portable logic analyzer system mainframe, needs TLA7 series plug in module for functionality. Includes option 1S and 1A system based on an open, embedded PC, running microsoft windows 95. 133MHz pentium processor, 32 MB DRAM (opt 1S), 256 KB pipeline burst cache with writeback, 1 MB display memory, 10.4 inch diagonal display with active-matriz color TFT LCD with backlight. 2.16 GB hard disk, 3.5 inch 144 MB floppy drive. LAN PC card (opt 1A).

    Logic analyzer module for TLA704 and TLA711 series mainframes. 136 CH logic analyzer module. Has option 2S, 128 K memory depth upgrade. 2GHz timing, 100 MHz state.