A view of the 4-manual Publix console.

Inside Right of console showing wiring mess

Detail of the stopswitch support rail (4-manual Publix)

Progress on the 4-manual PUBLIX console 6/3/06
The stop rails are coming along.
View of the MIDI Cage with the keyboard scanners and stop key scanners.

This is a photo of my organ.
The console is complete and the MIDI and combination-action electronics are almost complete.
It started out as a pile of wood, a set of plans, and some electronics kits from Devtronix. There was also a 15 year pause in construction while raising a family, however both kids are out of high school and the urge to continue the project grew. Some of the electronics are kits from Devtronix, although anything new is homebrew since Devtronix no longer provides kits for organ building. The founder of Devtronix passed away a number of years ago. The company was purchased by another who then sold it. Devtronix now exists as a pile of boxes in someones garage (apparently most of the boxes have been tossed).

I have since gone digital with JORGAN and midi scanners. The Devtronix cards are now in my basement waiting for me to sell on ebay.

Stop List

Where do I buy parts?

Newly Designed Combination Action System

Devtronix Documents & Parts

Organ Console Plans (Devtronix Paramount 3-Manual)

Organ Console Plans (4-Manual - adapted and reworked from Devtronix 3-Manual)

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