Hewlett-Packard 5061A Cesium Beam Freq. Standard

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Hewlett Packard Catalog CostLow BidHigh Bidaverage
$18,565.00 (1975)
$22,500.00 base (1980)
$32,200.00 base (1986)
$793.00 3/14/02 #1711794823 judinkes
$966.55 3/18/02 #1712829149 pugmanmail.com
$1525.00 3/25/02 #1714755855 judinkes
$820.00 4/4/02 #1717757130 reliableendmill
$405.00 7/20/04 #3828481830 get_tweaked (8 bids $100 start) (5MHz out works, w/power cord)
$514.73 (+$44 ship) 7/25/09 #150359913894 twoatebravo (7 bids $50 start) (DOES NOT WORK)

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    The 5061A Cesium Beam Frequency Standard carries on this world-class tradition. Sold-state components and the closed-loop, self-checking control circuit yield an accuracy of 1 x 10E-11. This high accuracy is combined with excellent reliability, making the 5061A ideal for use as a reference standard in national laboratories plus many other applications requiring accurate frequencies. Outputs available include: 5MHz, 1MHz, and a 100kHz signal for integrating applications such as use with a clock. Front panel controls provide a circuit check switch and a meter for monitoring performance. Front panel lights are also provided to indicate any interruption of continuous operation, and that the crystal oscillator is locked to the atomic resonance.