HP Signal Sources

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OpServ Signal Sources
.00005 Hz to 60 kHz203AVariable Phase Function Generator
no  10 Hz-1 MHz214AHigh Power Pulse Generator
    A 10 Hz-1 MHz214BHigh Power Pulse Generator
    B 100 kHz-10 MHz222APulse Generator
    E 10 Hz-1 MHz241APushbutton Oscillator
10 Hz-10 MHz651ATest Oscillator
10 Hz-10 MHz651BTest Oscillator
    E 10 Hz-10 MHz652ATest Oscillator
10 Hz-10 MHz653ATest Oscillator
10 Hz-10 MHz654ATest Oscillator
no  10 kHz-32 MHz675ASweep Signal Generator
    A 10 to 500 MHz3200BVHF Oscillator
3211ASweep Oscillator
    E 0.01 Hz-100 kHz3300AFunction Generator
    B  Plug-In3302ATrigger/Phase Lock Plug-in for 3300A
    E  Plug-In3304ASweep/Offset Plug-in for 3300A
 Plug-In3305ASweep Plug-in for 3300A
    A 0.0005 Hz-5 MHz3310BFunction Generator
    A 0.1 Hz-13 MHz3311AFunction Generator
    A 0.1 Hz-13 MHz3312AFunction Generator
    V 0.01 Hz-13 MHz3320BFrequency Synthesizer
    A 1 μHz-21 MHz 3325ASynthesizer/Function Generator
A A 1 μHz-21 MHz 3325BSynthesizer/Function Generator
    K 0.1 Hz-13 MHz3330AAutomatic Synthesizer
    K 0.1 Hz-13 MHz3330BAutomatic Synthesizer
200 Hz-80 MHz3335ASynthesizer/Lever Generator
    A 10 Hz-21 MHz3336BSynthesizer/Level Generator
    A 10 Hz-21 MHz3336CSynthesizer/Level Generator
    A 0.1 Hz-20 MHz8011APulse Generator
    B 1 Hz-50 MHz8012BPulse Generator
    A 1 Hz-50 MHz8013BPulse Generator
  0.5 Hz-50 MHz8016AWord Generator
    A 1 kHz-250 MHz8082A250 MHz Pulse Generator
    A 1 Hz-50 MHz8112A50 MHz Pulse Generator
    A 1 mHz-50 MHz8116A50 MHz Function Generator
300 MHz8130A300 MHz Pulse Generator
0.01-20 GHz8341ASynthesized Sweeper
 8350ASweep Oscillator Mainframe
    A  8350BSweep Oscillator Mainframe
    K 0.01 GHz-2.4 GHzPlug-InHP 83522ARFSweeper Plug-In .01-2.4 GHz for 8350
 0.01 GHz-8.4 GHzPlug-InHP 83525ARFSweeper Plug-In .01-8.4 GHz for 8350
 2 GHz-8.4 GHzPlug-InHP 83540ARFSweeper Plug-In 2.0-8.4 GHz for 8350
 5.9 GHz-12.4 GHzPlug-InHP 83545ARFSweeper Plug-In 5.9-12.4 GHz for 8350
 18 GHz-26.5 GHzPlug-InHP 83570ARFSweeper Plug-In 18-26.5 GHz for 8350
    B 0.1 to 110 MHz8601ASignal Sweeper
    A 0.8 GHz-2.4 GHz8614A0.8-2.4 GHz Signal Generator
  1.8 GHz-4.5 GHz8616A1.8-4.5 GHz Signal Generator
    A 1.8 GHz-4.5 GHz8616B1.8-4.5 GHz Signal Generator
no   8620ASweep Oscillator
    B  8620CSweep Oscillator
 10 - 1300 MHzPlug-In86220A10 - 1300 MHz Plug-In for 8620C
 2.0 GHz-8.4 GHzPlug-In86222B0.1-2.4 GHz Plug-In for 8620C
 2.0 GHz-8.4 GHzPlug-In86240A2.0-8.4 GHz Plug-In for 8620C
 2.0 GHz-8.4 GHzPlug-In86240B2.0-8.4 GHz Plug-In for 8620C
 5.9 GHz-9 GHzPlug-In86242D5.9-9 GHz RF Plug-In for 8620C
 5.9 GHz-12.4 GHzPlug-In86245A5.9-12.4 GHz Plug-In for 8620C
 8 GHz-12.4 GHzPlug-In86250D8-12.4 GHz Plug-In for 8620C
12.4 GHz-18 GHzPlug-In86260A12.4-18 GHz Plug-In for 8620C
 2 GHz-18.6 GHzPlug-In86290C2-18.6 GHz Plug-In for 8620C
    A 500 kHz-512 MHz8640BSignal Generator
    E 100 kHz-1057.5 MHz8642ASynthesized Signal Generator
10 MHz-520 MHz8654ASignal Generator
    K 10 MHz-520 MHz8654BSignal Generator
    A 0.1 MHz-990 MHz8656ASignal Generator
A A 0.1 MHz-990 MHz8656BSignal Generator
A A 0.1 MHz-1040 MHz8657ASignal Generator
  8660ASignal Generator
  8660CSignal Generator
  8660DSignal Generator
   11661BOption 100 Frequency Extender Module for the HP 8660C/D
 0.01 MHz-110 MHz)Plug-In86601ARF Section for 8660 Mainframes (0.01-110 MHz)
 1 MHz-1300 MHzPlug-In86602ARF Section for 8660 Mainframes (1-1300MHz)
 1 MHz-1300 MHzPlug-In 86602BRF Section for 8660 Mainframes (1-1300MHz)
 1 MHz-2600 MHzPlug-In 86603ARF Section for 8660 Mainframes (1-2600MHz)
  Plug-In 86631BAuxiliary Section for 8660 Mainframes
  Plug-In 86632B AM/FMModulation Section for 8660 Mainframes
  Plug-In 86633B AM/FMModulation Section for 8660 Mainframes
  Plug-In 86634APhase Modulation Section for 8660 Mainframes
 5.4 GHz-18.0 GHz8684DSignal Generator 5.4 - 18.0 GHz
    K  8690BSweep Oscillator
2.0 - 4.0 GHzPlug-In8692BRF Plug In for 8690, 2.0-4.0 GHz
4.0 - 8.0 GHzPlug-In 8693ARF Plug In for 8690, 4.0-8.0 GHz
7.0 - 12.4 GHzPlug-In 8694ARF Plug In for 8690, 7.0-12.4 GHz
12.6 - 18 GHzPlug-In8695ARF Plug In For 8690, 12.4-18GHz
18 - 26 GHzPlug-In8696ARF Plug In For 8690, 18 - 26.5GHz
26.5 - 40 GHzPlug-In8697ARF Plug In For 8690, 26.5- 40GHz
0.4 - 110 MHzPlug-In8698BRF Plug In For 8690, 0.4- 110MHz
0.1 - 4 GHzPlug-In8699BRF Plug In For 8690, 0.1- 4GHz
 10 MHz-3 GHz8780ASignal Generator