HP Power Supplies

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Indicates that a PDF scan of the Manual for that item is available from one of the web sites listed below

A from the Agilent Web Site
B BAMA (Boat Anchor Manual Archive) Web Site
K KO4BB Web Site
V Vintage Hewlett Packard Archive
E Ebaman Site
M Manoman Site
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If these web pages are stored in your hard drive and you have the manuals already downloaded, named properly, and stored in the proper folder, clicking on them will display them. They were actually setup for my personal use.

20-20/400-0.6/0.3A 6205C 0-25V 0.4A Power Supply
10-250-0.4A 6216a 0-25V 0.4A Power Supply
10-250-0.4A 6216C 0-25V 0.4A Power Supply
10-500-0.25A 6217A 0-50V 1/4A Power Supply
20-250-2A 6227B 0-25V 2A Dual Power Supply
20-500-1A 6228B 0-50V 1A Dual Power Supply
30-+-20,0-60-.5A/2.5A 6236B Triple Output Power Supply (0-+/-20V,0-6V)
20-200-3A 6253A 0-20V, 3A Dual Power Supply
20-400-1.5A 6255A 0-40V, 1.5A Dual Power Supply
10-200-20A 6264B 0-20V 20A Power Supply
10-400-10A 6267B 0-40V 10A Power Supply
10-600-3A 6271B 0-60V 3A Power Supply
10-1200-2.5A 6274B 0-120V 2.5A Power Supply
10-200-3A 6282A 0-10V 10A Power Supply
10-1200-2.5A 6443B 0-120V 2.5A Power Supply