Hewlett-Packard 4260A Universal Impedance Bridge

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Hewlett Packard Catalog CostLow BidHigh Bidaverage
$550.00 (1970) ...
$36.18 (+~$16 ship) 11/9/10 #220691649775 officetek12 (5 bids $19.95 start) (powers up-appears to work)
$24.99 (+~$22 ship) 11/28/10 #220699905307 maynardb (1 bid) (tested-out of cal on larger value components)

  • Capacitance - 1 pF to 1000 μF in 7 ranges
  • Inductance - 1 μH to 1000 H in 7 ranges
  • Resistance - 10 milliohms to 10 megohms in 7 ranges
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    Measurements of C, R, L, D (dissipation factor of capacitors), and Q are easily made with the Model 4260A Universal Impdeance Bridge.
    The readout for C, R and L is digital with the decimal point automatically positioned. Units of measurement and the equivalent circuit automatically appear with a twist of the function switch. There are no multipliers or confusing non-linear dials which need interpolation.
    Operation is simple. Set the function knob for the parameter to be measured, adjust the range switch for an on-scale indication, and obtain a null with the CRL control. There are no interacting controls to adjust and readjust. There are no false nulls. A unique electronic AUTOBALANCE circuit solves all these problems. Components with low Q or high Q are easy to measure as those without loss.
    For D or Q measurements, switch out of AUTO and turn the DQ control until another null is obtained. Only one adjustment is needed for each measurement.
    Five bridge ciruits are incorporated in the 4260A; each is composed of stable, high-quality components for good accuracy and linearity. In internal 1 kHz drives the bridge.