Hewlett-Packard 403B Portable AC Voltmeter

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Orig CostLow BidHigh Bidaverage
$310 (1968) ...
no bids (asked $16) 4/2/02 #1717037473 quecan
$19.95 (+~$12 ship) 6/9/09 #150349472186 ralph638s (1 bid) (seems to work on both AC and battery power)

  • 1mV to 300V
  • 2 MΩ Input Impedance
  • 5Hz to 1MHz
    The 403B AC Voltmeter is a transistorized, battery-operated average responding AC voltmeter.

    The unit can also operate from an AC line. Batteries recharge during AC operation.

    Voltage range: 0.001 to 300 V in 12 ranges.