Hewlett-Packard 400EL AC Voltmeter

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Hewlett Packard Catalog CostLow BidHigh Bidaverage
$22.50 (+~$17 ship) 7/20/09 #110413658435 ruadhnh (8 bids $0.99 start) (powered up)
$26.00 (+$18 ship) 7/29/09 #290333453652 bobw1951 (6 bids) (tested-guaranteed)

  • AC Voltmeter
  • 1mV - 300V
  • 1% Reading
  • 10Hz - 10MHz

    The 400EL AC Voltmeter is a versatile meter which can also be used as an AC/DC converter and a wide-band amplifier. This is a compact, solid-state unit with log voltage scales from 1 mV to 300 V in 12 ranges. Frequency response from 10Hz to 10MHz. The AC amplifier offers an output of 150 mV rms for full scale indication and the AC/DC converter provides an output of 1 VDC for full scale indication.