Hewlett-Packard 3580A 5Hz-50kHz Spectrum Analyzer

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    Hewlett-Packard's 3580A Spectrum Analyzer is a low frequency high performance analyzer. Its 1 Hz bandwidth allows the user to examine noise and extraneous signal content close in to a signal of interest. For low frequency applications where sweep speeds can be slow and time-consuming, a special feature, adaptive sweep, allows the user to set a threshold above which only the spectra of interest are observed. In this mode, the CRT is rapidly swept. When a signal is encountered, the sweep slows down to reproduce full response. A factor of ten speed gain is possible.

    Digital storage is another important feature which enhances the display for slowly swept low frequency signals. The analyzed signals are digitized and stored in memory. Trace information is then read from memory at a rate appropriate for obtaining an analog-like display.

    Digital Storage for Spectra Comparison
    Digital storage makes it possible to store one or two traces. When two are stored, both may be simultaneously displayed for easy comparison.

    1 Hz Bandwidth
    Resolution bandwidths as narrow as 1 Hz are available to expose and measure closely-spaced spectral components like 50-60 Hz power line sidebands or low-rate modulation. This resolution is available at all frequencies.

    Digital Frequency Display
    The display provides 1 Hz resolution for setting analysis range and for determining tuned frequency. In the automatic sweep modes, the sweepstart or center frequency is displayed. In the manual sweep mode, actual tuned frequency is indicated. This mode effectively provides a cursor function for easy and accurate determination of the frequency at any point on the screen.

    Internal Calibration Signal
    A 10 kHz pulse derived from a crystal can be used to compensate for internal errors. A 10 kHz calibration potentiometer is provided so the 10 kHz fundamental can be adjusted to fall on the top line of the display. With this feature, operation and calibration can be verified for most of the instrument.

    FREQUENCY RANGE5 Hz - 50 KHz (Resolution: 1 Hz)
    DISPLAY MODELinear: constant voltage/div; Log: 10 dB/div or 1 dB/div
    AMPLITUDE RANGELinear: +30V - 100 nV full scale; Log: +30 dBm to -150 dBm
    OUTPUTX-Y Recorder Analog Output
    POWER REQUIREMENTS100, 120, 220, 240VAC, +5% -10%, 48-440 Hz; 35VA max.
    SIZE8.0"H X 11.25"W X 16.25"D; 27Lbs