Hewlett-Packard 5354A 15 MHz - 4 GHz Automatic Frequency Converter Plug-In for 5435A Counter

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    The 5354A translates not only the microwave signal but all its modulation directly to the 500MHz window of the counter (via the heterdyne technique) it allows signals with large amount of FM to be easily characterized.

    Perhaps even more powerful is it's ability to take direct measurements on the carriers of very narrow microwave pulses. Pulse measurements can be easily automated for the first time.

  • Range: 15 MHz to 4 GHz
  • Sensitivity: -10 dBM (70mV rms auto mode,-20 dBm (22mV rms). Manual/ Pulse mode to + 20dBm (2.2 V rms)
  • Input signal capability: CW signals.Pulsed microwave signals. Signals with very high FM content
  • RF Pulse width: determined by GATE TIME setting.
  • FM Sensitivity: overlap at band edges 10MHz. Maximum deviation at band center. 250 MHz, above 1GHz and below 500MHz, 125MHz,between 500 MHz and 1GHz
  • Operating modes: Automatic and manual
    Automatic: measures signal within selected band, Signals of sufficient amplitude to trigger the counter
    Manual: measures signal within selected band. Signals of sufficient amplitude between 15MHz and 525MHz will also be counted.
    Acquisition time: Automatic mode: CONT WAVE<2 ms PULSED R.F.<1s. Manual mode: when proper band has been selected. CONT WAVE<5usec; PULSED R.F. <20nsec

    15 lbs.