Hewlett-Packard 5353A Channel C Plug-In for 5435A Counter

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    Channel C Plug-In for 5345A Counter

  • Range: dc coupled : 0 to 500MHZ: ac coupled 10 MHz to 500MHz
  • Impedance: 50(nominal) or 1M shunted by less than 30 pF
  • Sensitivity: Varaiable to 20 mV rms sine wave and 60mV peak to peak pulse>Attenuator settings are X1 and X1
  • Modes of operation Frequency C & A; Frequency C- A; Period C; Frequency C; Ratio C/A; Average events A to B, Events C, A to B.
  • Accuracy: Maintains counter accuracy
  • Events accuracy: Plus or minus one count worse case