Hewlett-Packard 5315A Universal 100MHz Counter

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Hewlett Packard Catalog CostLow BidHigh Bidaverage
$800.00 (1980)
$1,100.00 (1986)
$1,250.00 (1990)
$26.00 ($14 ship) 6/21/09 #280358455253 rhilaire (6 bids $5 start) (numbers displayed-powers up)

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    8 digits
    5315A Universal Counter measures signals over 0.1Hz to 100MHz range. The unit measures Period: 10 ns to 105 Sec; Time Interval: 100 ns to 105 Sec; Time Interval Average: 0 ns to 105 Sec; Time Interval Delay: holdoff, variable delay of nominally 500 Ás to 20 ms between START (channel A) and STOP (channel B); and Ratio: 0.1Hz to 100MHz, both channels. Two channels provide time interval measurements
    The 5315A is a low-cost portable bench version of the 5316B high-performance universal counter. Unique counting circuitry gives the best of both reciprocal and conventional frequency counting. Full frequency range (to 100 MHz) on both input channels provides frequency, period, ratio A/B, and totalize A by B measurements.