HP 70000 Series MMS (Modular Measurement System)

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OpServ70000 Series Mainframe and Plug-ins
70001A Mainframe
$299970004A Color Display Mainframe
70100A Power Meter Module (repl. E1416A or E4418B)
70110A Digital Multimeter Module (repl. 34401A or E1412A)
70120A Universal Counter Module (repl. 53131A)
70205A Graphics Display Module (repl.-see 71910A)
70206A Graphics Display Module
70310A Precision Frequency Reference Module
no70420A Phase Noise Test Set for E5500
70421A Low Noise 6 GHz Downconverter
70422A Low Noise 18 GHz Downconverter
70427A Microwave Downconverter Module
70428A Microwave Source Module
70429A Phase Noise Test Accessory
70611A Attenuator/Switch Driver Module
70620B Microwave Preamplifier Module
70621A Microwave Preamplifier Module
70700A Digitizer Module
70703A Digitizing Oscilloscope Module
no70810B Lightwave Section, 100 kHz to 22 GHz
70820A Microwave Transition Analyzer
no70841B Pattern Generator Module
no70842A Error Detector, 100 MB/s to 3 GB/s
no70842B Error Detector, 100 MB/s to 3 GB/s
no70843A 12 Gb/s Error Performance Analyzer
no70843B 12 Gb/s Error Performance Analyzer
no70843C 12 Gb/s Error Performance Analyzer
70880A Linewidth Meas. Personality
70900A Local Oscillator Module
70900B Local Oscillator Module
70902A IF Section Module, 10 Hz to 300 kHz
70903A IF Section Module, 100 kHz to 3 MHz
no70904A RF Section Module, 100 kHz - 2.9 GHz
70905A IF Section Module
70907A External Mixer Interface Module
70907B External Mixer Interface Module
70908A 100 kHz to 22 GHz RF Section for 71210
70909A RF Section for 71209
70910A Wide Bandwidth RF Section
70911A Wide Bandwidth IF Module
71209A Microwave Spectrum Analyzer
71210C Microwave Spectrum Analyzer
71400C Lightwave Signal Analyzer
71500A Microwave Transition Analyzer
71501D Jitter Analysis System
71612C 12 Gb/s Error Perf. Analyzer
71707A Microwave Downconverter
71708A Microwave Source
no71910A Wide Bandwidth Receiver 100 Hz to 26.5 GHz
70000 Series Replacement Modules