Standby Power Panel

Kit Bashing
All plates need to be trimmed a little to allow easier fitting.

Width5.75" (approx 146.05 mm)
Height11 DZUS units (11 x 0.375")
4.125" (approx 104.775 mm)
Backplate Thickness1/16"
Light Plate Thickness1/4" (0.25")
Module Depth????????????????????????????????????????

Simulator Supplier Parts
Hispa Panels145 x 103 mm
Sismo Soluciones146 x 105 mm
CockpitSimParts150 x 100 mm
PC Flights146 x 105 mm

December 2016 prices
Hispa Panels 29incl1342 €
Sismo Soluciones-Module 96inclincl96 €Assembled
Sismo Soluciones-PanelPanel Not Found
Open Cockpits 27incl1239 €
CockpitSimParts 20incl~ 12£ 32
PC Flights 276~ 13$ 46

The Problem :
This panel actually is the correct size, however the bolts holding the front and rear panels together interfere with the mounting rails.
The distance between the mounting holes is about 1/16" shy of the 5-3/8" needed.

The challenge is to eliminate the interfering bolts and fix the mounting.
The photos below show the panel build as supplied by Hispa Panels.

Post Script files for the existing circuit board

Circuit Board

Circuit Board Mirrored

  • Get 4 DZUS replica bolts (PC Flights and Sismo both supply them).
  • Purchase (expensive) or fabricate 4 - 2" x 1/4" square standoffs.
  • Fabricate new circuit board for LEDs and back connector mounting panel. Separate the connectors for the Inputs (annunciators) and outputs (switches).
  • Fabricate aluminum plate, include openings for annunciators, and led's.
  • Drill holes in aluminum plate for mounting switches and standoffs.
  • Trim slots in back acrylic plate to match mounting slots in front plate.
  • Mount acrylic plates to aluminum with bolts tapped into the aluminum plate (use existing bolt holes). Cut projecting bolts flush with aluminum back.
  • Cut thin aluminum panels and mount to standoffs.
    Fabricate this plate

    Post Script files for the revised LED & Connector circuit board

    Circuit Board

    Circuit Board Mirrored