Pedestal Lighting Panel

Temporary Mounting
Kit Bashing
All plates need to be trimmed a little to allow easier fitting.

Width5.75" (approx 146.05 mm)
Height????? DZUS units (????? x 0.375")
?????" (approx ?????mm)
Backplate Thickness1/16"
Light Plate Thickness1/4" (0.25")
Module Depth?????????????????????????????

Simulator Supplier Parts
Hispa Panels145 x 60 mm
Sismo SolucionesDimension not found
Open Cockpits146 x 60 mm
CockpitSimPartsPanel not found

December 2016 prices
Hispa Panels 254~1645 €
Sismo Soluciones-Module 64inclincl64 €Assembled
Sismo Soluciones-Panel 19----19 €bare panel
Open Cockpits 20~4~1640 €
CockpitSimPartsPanel not found
CPFlight 169inclincl169 €(Assembled with electronics)
PC Flights204~16$ 40

The Problem :
The panel is the correct height but not quite 5.75" wide.
The mounting holes are correct vertically, however the horizontal spacing does not match the standard spacing of 5.375".
The bolts holding the front and rear panels together interfere with the mounting rails.

The challenge is to eliminate the interference of the bolts holding the panels together and to adjust the mounting holes.

The photos below show the panel build as supplied by Hispa Panels with my backlighting circuit board.

Post Script files for the circuit board

Circuit Board

Circuit Board Mirrored

Fabricate this plate
Parts to be assembled

Assembled with back plate
and captive screws
  • Fabricate Back Plate
  • Notch out mounting screw area on acrylic sub-panel
  • Enlarge mounting notches on front panel
  • Bolt acrylic panels to aluminum back plate and trim the protruding bolts flush with the back plate