ACDC Metering Panel

Kit Bashing
All plates need to be trimmed a little to allow easier fitting.

Width5.75" (approx 146.05 mm)
Height21 DZUS units (21 x 0.375")
7.875" (approx 200.025 mm)
Backplate Thickness1/16"
Light Plate Thickness1/4" (0.25")
Module Depth???????????????????????????????????

Simulator Supplier Parts
Hispa Panels145 x 195 mm
Sysmo Soluciones146 x 199 mm
CockpitSimParts150 x 195 mm

December 2016 prices
Hispa Panels 4015incl17~ 1486 €Using 2x20 LCD display - uses small toggles
Has both AC toggles
Sismo Soluciones-Module 209inclinclinclincl209 €Assembled (7-seg LED Digits)
has both AC toggles
Sismo Soluciones-Panel 41---41 €Front sub-panel only
Open Cockpits 3765incl22~ 14138 €7-segment LED display
only has Galley AC toggle
CockpitSimParts 30no displayincl29~ 14£ ??(no display)
only has Galley AC toggle
PC Flights $ 43no display622~ 14$ ??(no display)
only has Galley AC toggle

The mounting holes of the Hispa panel don't quite line up, especially the hole halfway down, but I like the LCD display.
I'll probably replace the back plate and skip the halfway holes.