IRS Mode Select Panel

Kit Bashing
All plates need to be trimmed a little to allow easier fitting.

Width5.75" (approx 146.05 mm)
Height10 DZUS units (10 x 0.375")
3.75" (approx 95.25 mm)
Backplate Thickness1/16"
Light Plate Thickness1/4" (0.25")
Module Depthroughly 6" + connectors

Simulator Supplier Parts
Hispa Panels145 x 101.50 mm
Sismo Solucionesdimensions not shown
CockpitSimPartsdimensions not found

December 2016 prices
Hispa Panels 29incl14~ 1457 €
Sismo Soluciones-Module 89inclinclincl89 €Assembled
Sismo Soluciones-Panel 20---20 €Front Sub plate only
Open Cockpits219incl???????? €Entire Aft Panel only
Open Cockpits 24incl~ 17~ 1455 €just this panel
CockpitSimParts25incl~ 15~ 14£ 54(incl annun) (+ components)
PC FlightsPanel not found

The Problem :
This panel is too high by about 1/4" nor do the mounting holes line up.

The challenge is to make a unit of the correct size that fits between the rails.
The photos below show the panel build as supplied by Hispa Panels.

Post Script files for the circuit board

Circuit Board

Circuit Board Mirrored

  • Get 4 DZUS replica bolts (PC Flights and Sismo both supply them).
  • Fabricate 1 new circuit board:
  • New circuit board for external connections including for lights and switches.
  • Cut down existing circuit board to retain the backlights.
  • Cut the SELECTOR SWITCH PANEL and back panel behind it to the correct size.
  • Fasten front and rear acrylic plates together.
  • Make an aluminum mounting plate to mount everything. Include openings for the PCB backlight connector.
  • Add spacers to aluminum plate behind the panel to mount the connector PCB.
    Fabricate this plate