Cargo Fire Panel

Kit Bashing
All plates need to be trimmed a little to allow easier fitting.

Width5.75" (approx 146.05 mm)
Height7 DZUS units (7 x 0.375")
2.625" (approx 66.675 mm)
Backplate Thickness1/16"
Light Plate Thickness1/4" (0.25")
Module Depth???????????????????????????????

Simulator Supplier Parts
Hispa Panels145 x 66 mm
Sismo Solucionesdimensions not found
Open Cockpits145 x 65 mm
CockpitSimParts145 x 65 mm

December 2016 prices
Hispa Panels 29incl18~1259 €
Sismo Soluciones-Module 149inclinclincl149 €Assembled
Sismo Soluciones-Panel Panel not found
Open Cockpits 25incl54~1295 €
CockpitSimParts 30incl~18~12£ 60(incl annun)
CPFlight 329inclincl329 €incl(with Weather Radar panel) fully assembled
PC Flights Panel not found

This is the panel from Hispa
This panel is already the correct size. The mounting holes are about 1/16" shy of the proper distance, but when enlarging to the larger mounting bolt, can be made to fit.
Post Script files for the circuit board

Circuit Board

Circuit Board Mirrored

  I purchased 4 "DZUS like" mounting bolts from PC Flights.
  The mounting holes on the backplate were filed into slots to fit the 8/32 mounting bolts. The slots were enlarged to match the 5-3/8 center-center spacing of the mounting frame holes.
  The mounting slots on the front plate needed to be enlarged a little to match the mounting bolts.

Circuit Board Mounting
 Use 3 - 30mm spacers. Drill and countersink 3 holes in the backplate and drill 3 holes in the circuit board for the spacers .
Using flathead bolts to tie the spacers to the backplate allows the front panel to be added without any gap between panels.

Knobs, Switches and Bushings  The switch bushings are needed to tie the backplate to the front panel. Note that the engraving of the knob positions is at a 30 degree rotation.
 The knobs were purchased from Sismo Soluciones (Knob K4). This knob fits a 7/32" shaft.
 12-position switches are too large to fit side-by-side on this panel. 8-position switches fit, however the 45-degree rotation doesn't work with the panel engraving and the bushing does not fit the panels.
 I made bushings to tie the panels together by removing the backs from 1/4" phone jacks. I used 7/16" tubing through the bushing and glued the tubing to the switches using superglue and aluminum foil to fill in the gap from the small switch shaft and the inside of the tubing.

 Add a plastic skirt around the perimeter of the annunciator to move the leds away from the supplied annunciator backpiece. This spreads out the light and makes a more pleasing display.

Side Back-lighting
 The panel engraving on the left and right side ("CARGO" and "FIRE") are blocked by the mounting rails. Looking at the top view, you can see 3-LEDs hot-glued to each end of the backplate at an angle. These LED's are inside of the mounting rails but project enough light to illuminate this engraving.

The photos below are of the resulting modifications: