Bottom Lighting Panel

Kit Bashing

Simulator Supplier Parts
Hispa Panels564 x 72 mm
Sismo Soluciones597 x 85 mm
CockpitSimParts682 x 82 mm
PC Flights562 x 86 mm (measured)

December 2016 prices
Hispa Panels 412364 €uses small toggle switches
Sismo Soluciones-Module 239incl239 €Assembled
Sismo Soluciones-Panel 45---45 €Panel only (+ components)
Open Cockpits 393574 €
CockpitSimParts 25~ 35£ 60
PC Flights 6339$102

I elected to use a panel with large switches.

No real kit bashing was done.
Backlighting was done using perf board with 30mm spacers to place it behind the switches. Switches were wired to a 40-pin header with wiring matching the SIMIO boards supplied by Hispa